The Stage Door Mission Statement

The Stage Door believes that the power of the performing arts has the ability to change lives, and that the shared experience and exploration of the arts has the ability to create a more culturally connected and vital community for the residents of Mahoning Valley and surrounding communities.  We will help to positively shape the future through meaningful collaborations with diverse communities, embracing creativity in all forms and enabling a more inclusive and vibrant performing arts scene at the Academy and across the entire region. 

We will maintain the excellence of our core artistic and educational programs while demonstrating the entrepreneurial resolve to  extend our resources, know-how and creativity out into the communities in which we seek to engage.  The Academy will be transformed into a  culturally dynamic center deeply ingrained in the fabric of our community, artistically ambitious yet accessible to all; one that shines as the very model of the successful performing arts center of the future.

We will show that together we thrive when we make the arts matter.